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Renting Commercial Office Space in Orange County

Iconic Orange County, California continues to be a favorite destination for local businesses searching for office space. Its thriving economy, perfect weather, 40 miles of coastline, and endless opportunities for outdoor activity make "the OC" an ideal place to work and play. With over 3 million residents, Orange County attracts a diversity of businesses and entrepreneurs. Popular industries include business and professional services, finance, energy, and tourism, not to mention a growing tech presence as "Silicon Beach" moves south. Public transportation is present but not as commonly used compared to bikes and cars. Here are a few characteristics of the Orange County office space market:

  • Huge – Finding space is difficult and time-consuming because of Orange County's large geographical area, population and high demand. Orange County ranks among the top five office space markets on the West Coast and top thirty in the United States.
  • Diverse Options – Developers in Orange County are constantly building beautiful new offices with a range of layouts to suit your needs, including warehouse, medical, and creative office space.
  • Great Space Moves Fast – The Orange County office marketplace is hot. Great office space turns over quickly. Your ideal office might be leased a day after it becomes available.

Orange County is ranked as the third most populated county in all of California. The price of square footage for office rent per year ranges from $9 to $50 with the median being $36. Furthermore, the square footage size ranges from 100 SF up to 17,000 SF with the median being 570 SF.

Popular Properties in the Orange County Market

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Orange County Neighborhoods

Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo is the newest addition to Orange County, established in July 1, 2001, however, the city is well known for its extremely strong sense of community. In fact, almost all of the 50,000 residents live within a three-mile radius of the popular Town Center. A high standard of living attracts businesses from the professional, scientific, and tech services industries, not to mention retail. Employees take advantage of the Aliso Viejo Woods Canyon Park and the Soka Performing Arts Center. With new and convenient office developments like Pacific Park Plaza and 120 Vantis, small businesses and startups thrive in Aliso Viejo.

Aliso Viejo office space is impacted by newer developments catering to large companies but also has a good technology and entrepreneurial community.

Popular Properties in the Aliso Viejo Neighborhood


Anaheim may be best known for Disneyland, but its large population and accessibility to Los Angeles and Orange County makes it very appealing to local businesses. The city rezoned an 820-acre industrial district in 2004, now known as the Platinum Triangle, which has continued to be a focus for redevelopment. Over $1.2B is expected to be invested here in the form of new buildings. There will continue to be plentiful Anaheim office space for rent to serve the many manufacturing, retail, and healthcare businesses.

Anaheim offers businesses high end "Class A" office space as well as middle tier office spaces and flex / warehouse options. Prices can vary drastically by office park and type of office space.

Popular Properties in the Anaheim Neighborhood


Brea, or “oil” in Spanish, is a quaint town of 40,000 with roots in -- surprise -- crude oil production. Education, healthcare and social assistance services makeup the majority of businesses in Brea, but the recently redeveloped Downtown Brea and Brea Mall have invited an influx of retail and entertainment. Although office space is relatively limited, there is a wide variety of types of office space, ranging from creative office space to medical and warehouse space.

The reasonably priced office space create demand in Brea as a great place to find some deals just outside Orange County's business center.

Popular Properties in the Brea Neighborhood

Buena Park

Northwest of Anaheim, Buena Park, boasts of many tourist attractions including Knott’s Berry Farm and it’s sister water park Knott’s Soak City which all cover about 160 acres. Also along Beach Blvd you’ll find many preserved historical buildings such as the city’s museum (Whitaker-Jaynes House), the Bacon House and the Sage Stop Hotel. A three level retail center is currently under construction at the end of Beach Blvd that will hold an international food court and high end theater. Tucked away in the Northeast side of the city is the beautiful Los Coyotes Country Club, a 23 hole championship course where the LPGA has been hosted. Ralph B. Clark Regional park boasts one hundred and five acres of nature trails with an amphitheatre, small museum and stocked fishing pond.

Popular Properties in the Buena Park Neighborhood

Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is ideally nestled between coastal city Newport Beach and Irvine, and has grown rapidly in the past several years. New businesses are established constantly to service a growing population of young families and professionals, and exciting developments are continually in the news. For example, the former Los Angeles Times newsroom and printing plant is being transformed into 30,000 square feet of beautiful creative office space. The city of Cost Mesa is quickly transitioning from its farming roots to a trendy place for local businesses to call home. 

Costa Mesa is great area for creative office space as well as flex or warehouse uses. The central location in Orange County and current redevelopments make it a popular choice. Popular upscale-luxury South Coast Plaza shopping center is one of the most productive malls in the country, with sales of over $1.5 billion annually and a huge impact on the local economy. Live, work, and play here. Local mom and pop shops, numerous grocery stores, shopping, and plenty of restaurants make Costa Mesa a convenient location for office space.

Popular Properties in the Costa Mesa Neighborhood

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is a small community of 55,000, bordered by Westminster, Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana. Although Fountain Valley has been historically known as a popular residential, middle-class city, in the early 2000’s, the city focused on bringing businesses to the central commercial “Southpark” district. Today, over 5,000 service, manufacturing, healthcare, and industrial businesses thrive near Santa Ana River in Fountain Valley.

Office space with warehouse is in high demand and Fountain Valley provides convenient access to Orange County as well as Los Angeles for businesses interested in this type of office space.

Popular Properties in the Fountain Valley Neighborhood


Although Orange County claims Fullerton, its proximity to Los Angeles County makes it an ideal location for business servicing both locations. Top industries in Fullerton include manufacturing, retail, and educational services. Fullerton is an educational city; home to California State University, Fullerton College, and several other small institutions. In the past few years, students have started to gravitate towards Commonwealth Avenue area, where over 30 businesses, restaurants, venues, and boutiques have recently opened to entertain.

Office space with warehouse is in high demand and Fullerton provides access to Orange County as well as Los Angeles for businesses interested in this type of office space.

Popular Properties in the Fullerton Neighborhood

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach was known for is eclectic vibe and beautiful beach event before the Beach Boys arrived. A popular vacation destination, this beach town is culturally laid-back and attracts a variety of industries and businesses, primarily in the tourism, manufacturing, and retail industries. Historically, Huntington Beach was first popular for oil and then surfing, and now is undergoing redevelopment centered around tourism. There are 31 acres of shops, offices, restaurants, and hotels along Pacific Coast Highway.

Most focus on the beach but if you head inland just a bit there are great alternatives for commercial warehouse and office space with proximity to Huntington Beach's main attractions.

Popular Properties in the Huntington Beach Neighborhood


As the biggest city in Orange County, Irvine has plenty to offer. Not only is Irvine one of the most prominent business centers in Southern California (with plenty of office space options), but it is also a family-friendly city that offers exciting activities when you’re looking for a break. Irvine has 212,793 residents spread across nearly 65 square miles and has been described as the "Safest Big City in America." 

Irvine offers businesses high end "Class A" office space as well as middle tier office spaces and flex / warehouse options. Prices can vary drastically by office park and type of office space. Due to the thick concentration of high rise office buildings in the area, work culture dominantly influences the city. As Irvine continues to grow, luxurious developments and increasing culture are becoming the main item that entices many people into Irvine

Popular Properties in the Irvine Neighborhood

Irvine Spectrum

The Irvine Spectrum area, named after the prestigious Irvine Spectrum Mall, where 165 businesses thrive -- and office space is plentiful. Due to its convenient location close to restaurants, shops, and entertainment, notable Orange County development companies such as the Irvine Company, Olen Properties, CBRE, and Colten Company own or have developed prominent office space options surrounding the mall. 

In 2016, the Irvine Company introduced the 200 Spectrum Building, a modern high rise with creative office space and versatile open plan layouts. Popular coworking space WeWork moved into the building and offers community and convenience to startups.

Popular Properties in the Irvine Spectrum Neighborhood

Lake Forest

Lake Forest may be only 17 square miles, but this beautiful city between Irvine and Mission Viejo has a lot to offer small businesses and startups. The most prevalent industries are manufacturing and retail; and developers cater to these subsets by offering excellent retail and warehouse office space. Low crime, high family incomes, opportunity for outdoor diversions, and convenient access to interstates and highways make Lake Forest attractive for residential and commercial property use.

Demand continues to be strong as the area is quickly becoming one of the hottest places for creative office space and entrepreneurs to find their place to work.

Popular Properties in the Lake Forest Neighborhood

Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo, neighbor to Lake Forest and Aliso Viejo, is a suburban area known for its picturesque neighborhoods and bucolic history. Although Mission Viejo is primarily residential, there are pockets of commercial and traditional office space. With one of the highest median incomes of Orange County, there are still plenty of serviced-based businesses from retail to professional. Mission Viejo also has a growing and thriving medical scene, and has attracted many companies from the healthcare and social assistance industries.

The Mission Viejo area has many mixed use developments (retail and office together). The variety of office space options and a price point toward the average in Orange County make this an appealing location for many businesses.

Popular Properties in the Mission Viejo Neighborhood

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is set on 10+ miles of beaches and stretches inland to account for some of the most prominent office and residential neighborhoods in Orange County. At the core of Newport Beach, Fashion Island or Newport Center, boasts some of Orange County's newest and highest end office spaces. However, the area doesn't stop at Class A office space, it features premier retailers, restaurants, entertainment and some of the market's newest creative office space making Newport Beach the most desirable address in Orange County. 

High end office options make up the majority of the inventory in Newport Beach with the newest trend being creative office space. Newport has some of the most iconic high rise office buildings and hotels in Orange County. Popular attractions include Balboa Island, Cannery Village, and Newport Harbor, but Fashion Island remains a hub for both personal and business activity in its role as Newport Center. The price per square foot in the Newport Beach area is the highest in Orange County for space across all classes. 

Popular Properties in the Newport Beach Neighborhood


Orange is a charming historical town, founded the 19th century, and the first city of Orange County. Redevelopment of the acclaimed Children’s Hospital of Orange County means there has been in influx in health care professionals and office space, but the healthcare industry is quickly followed by retail and manufacturing. 

Chapman University also plays a large role in the quaint town, attracting many boutiques, restaurants, antique stores and bars. The City of Orange is a tourist destination and extremely popular city – office space here is relatively expensive and can be hard to find.

Popular Properties in the Orange Neighborhood

San Clemente

San Clemente, home to the original “Western White House,” is known for its family, community-centric culture while also being an world known surf destination. This is a wealthy community, primarily attracting businesses from the professional, scientific, and tech services industries. Many of the office buildings and homes are influenced by traditional Spanish architecture, giving the city a mediterranean, international feel.

San Clemente office space is heavily woven into the local community and provides some fantastic creative office space options.

Popular Properties in the San Clemente Neighborhood

Santa Ana

Whether you are looking for a medical space near the hospital, a traditional office in the city center, or a warehouse in the outskirts near the freeway- Santa Ana has it. Santa Ana is not only multifaceted when it comes to business, but also extremely varied in its recreational activities. This diverse city will surprise you with all the opportunities it holds! 

A lot of the commercial space in Santa Ana is a mix of office and warehouse space, but you can also find traditional office space for rent including some great Class A options. While most Orange County cities are known for extremely high average rental rates, Santa Ana offers more attainable, affordable rates that are attractive for local businesses

Popular Properties in the Santa Ana Neighborhood


Centrally located between Irvine, Santa Ana, and Orange, and minutes away from seven interstates and state routes, Tustin acts as a crossroads for commerce. The city is “One of the Top 25 Towns to Live Well in America” (Forbes, 2009) due to its convenient location, lovely weather, and a top 10% ranking in startups and sole proprietors. Local businesses love the hillside views of the Pacific Coast as well as the Saddleback Mountains. 

Tustin provides great options in low and midrise office space developments. Parking is often surface level and can provide convenient access to your location for employees and customers. Convenient access from so many interstates and highways to the city Tustin make for an easy commute from many areas in Orange County, despite the ever-present traffic at peak hours. In addition to office developments there are a number of options for manufacturing, distribution, yard, industrial or storage space, some areas that offer warehouse space include Red Hill Ave., Woodlawn Ave., and Parkway Loop. 

Popular Properties in the Tustin Neighborhood

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