Our Mission

TenantBase is a free service built to make searching for space and signing a lease simple for startups and businesses.

Finding your next space doesn’t have to be frustrating and expensive. At TenantBase, we believe your experience should be simple and fun, while saving you time and money. We provide the online tools and personal support you need to find your dream space (on your own time). Our team of real estate experts will guide you through touring and lease negotiation to guarantee you get a great deal.

What you can expect when working with TenantBase

  • We're a "tenant-rep" platform, which means we only work on your behalf -- our local team spends their time finding the best deals and the best locations for our clients.
  • Our platform puts you directly in touch with the same information as the pros, which means you can find and tour the perfect space fast.
  • We're specialized in space under 5,000 square feet and collaborate with our friends in the local brokerage and landlord community to ensure we're on top of the market.

Our digital platform and passionate team members are dedicated to helping businesses find, lease, and manage their space. How can we help you?

Our Story

Throughout years in commercial real estate, our founding team noticed that traditional firms ignored small businesses and startups.

The problem: traditional commercial real estate brokerage isn't setup to serve startups and small businesses.

TenantBase is built so businesses and startups can quickly and easily search, find, and lease space.

2014 - We launched the first version of the TenantBase platform in Nashville, TN.

2015 - We expanded to Orange County, CA and re-invented our technology with the help of the EvoNexus incubator.

2016 - We continued to grow our Orange County team and operation.

2017 - We launched our Dallas, TX office, and expanded our service to Los Angeles in southern California.

2018 - We moved our headquarters to Santa Monica, CA, expanded operations to Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Fort Worth and Houston, and continue to expand in 2019.