Our Mission: to be the largest, most trusted, tenant-focused commercial real estate marketplace in the world.

Our Platform Approach

We believe technology can bring together the three pillars of commercial real estate for a radically improved leasing experience:

  • Tenants are why commercial real estate exists. Great companies looking for space are the top of the value chain, and they deserve the simplicity and convenience consumers have come to expect from online services and tools. TenantBase addresses that gap, with tools that empower tenants in the leasing process, providing more transparency, and saving time and money by streamlining traditional processes.
  • Landlords ultimately want the right tenant for their space. Instead of hoping that broad marketing connects, TenantBase's TenantBoard empowers the leasing side to see and engage with individual tenants that are a good match for their space.
  • Brokers need to focus on completing deals while providing great service. Prospecting for new business on top of that is a huge challenge. TenantBase's Broker Partner Program, powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence and backed by our broker support team, connects commercial real estate professionals with qualified tenants so they can focus on serving clients with their local expertise.

What tenants can expect when working with TenantBase

  • We're a "tenant-rep" platform, which means we only work on behalf of your business. We partner with local real estate experts to find the best deals and locations for tenants.
  • Take charge of your space search. Find and tour your perfect space quickly, without endless emails and calls to get a tour.
  • We promote your requirement on our TenantBoard to the entire market, ensuring you see all opportunities and there is maximum competition for your space needs.

Our platform and passionate team members are dedicated to helping your business find, lease, and manage your space.

Our Story

During years working in commercial real estate, our founding team noticed that traditional firms ignored small businesses and startups. To change that we built the industry’s leading online marketplace connecting tenants to commercial space, supported by an Advisor invested in their success.

TenantBase is built so businesses of all sizes can quickly and easily search, find, and lease space.

2021 - Jim Underhill joined us as Executive Chairman to collaborate with company leadership to accelerate strategic and scalable growth of the platform nationally and internationally. We expanded into 35 markets nationwide, with 20 new markets coming online in the first quarter.

2020 - We launched our Partnership Program for brokers, which allowed us to quickly expand into new markets by aligning with leading local brokerages.

2018 - We moved our headquarters to Santa Monica, CA, expanded operations to Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Fort Worth and Houston, and continue to expand in 2019.

2017 - We launched our Dallas, TX office, and expanded our service to Los Angeles in southern California.

2016 - We continued to grow our Orange County team and operation.

2015 - We expanded to Orange County, CA and re-invented our technology with the help of the EvoNexus incubator.

2014 - We launched the first version of the TenantBase platform in Nashville, TN.