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We help you save time and money on your space!

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Stop driving around! Browse the best space deals in the entire market on your own time. Who said searching for space couldn't be fun?

You can view properties, pick your favorites and see recommendations from your advisor. Set up custom space alerts so you never miss a good option.

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Partner With A Local Expert

2 Partner with a Local Expert

Level the playing field. Have an experienced advisor help you identify unique space options through their local knowledge and negotiate the best lease terms to prevent unforeseen issues and turn your lease into a winning experience. TenantBase connects you with a local expert to help you from search to signing.

3 Tour Your Favorite Spaces

Get access to your favorite spaces with the click of a button. Our platform and local TenantBase partners ensure that you can access the entire marketplace at your leisure.

Tour the space with your partner broker who will use their industry knowledge to evaluate the property and ask the right questions.

Tour Your Favorite Spaces
Negotiate & Sign with Confidence

4 Negotiate & Sign with Confidence

Save thousands on your lease. Have peace of mind knowing that our TenantBase partner brokers will work to get you the best possible deal. TenantBase provides high level market intelligence and data at your fingertips and our partner brokers help you negotiate every factor of the lease including rate, term length, free rent, tenant improvement costs, common area fees, unexpected expenses and end of term options.

faqs Frequently Asked Questions

Why use TenantBase?

Simple. We save you time and money.
Our platform eliminates time wasted searching for space manually and connects you to our local partner brokers that help you save money by providing expert advice and support throughout the leasing process. With TenantBase you get the power of our platform plus best in class local service.

Why do I have to have an account to search?

Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant, customized space options to fit your needs. Your account allows you to access available spaces in your market and our local real estate partner brokers can help you navigate the information to get the best results. Whether you are searching for a space now or just browsing, your account allows us to provide you with the best service.

Why is this a free service?

We are able to provide the TenantBase platform and service at no cost to our users because we are compensated by our local partner brokers. In commercial real estate transactions the fees associated with your lease are typically paid as a commission by building owners to a broker when you complete a transaction, so you typically will not have any direct costs associated with using a broker.

Where does TenantBase get listing information?

Unlike residential real estate which has a standardized single data provider, commercial real estate companies rely on multiple sources to gather information on available properties in a market. TenantBase has several partnerships with listing providers combined with the daily activities of transactions and researchers who continuously communicate with other listing brokers and owners. The combination of these sources create the freshest and most reliable property information.

How do I list my property on your site?

It’s easy and free - visit our TenantBoard to submit and manage your listings or contact us to discuss a data feed.

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