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Renting Office Space in Orange County

Orange County office space has remained steady throughout the years due to several factors, including a highly educated workforce, great weather, and lower employee costs compared to its neighbors Los Angeles and San Diego. This is why almost 200 of the Fortune 500 companies have offices in Orange County, and more are looking to move in every year.

In the past, Orange County was used as a bedroom community so that people who worked in Los Angeles were able to live in Orange County due to it being cheaper and would commute to work. However, now the area has transformed into a middle/upper income area. Orange County ranks among the top five office space markets on the West Coast and top thirty in the United States.

Orange County is ranked as the third most populated county in all of California. The price of square footage for office rent per year ranges from $9 to $50 with the median being $36. Furthermore, the square footage size ranges from 100 SF up to 17,000 SF with the median being 570 SF.

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Popular Office Space in the Orange County Market

Suite Rates in Orange County

Suite Sizes in Orange County

Neighborhood Comparison

Neighborhood Average Available SQFT Average Rate / SQFT PER Month NUMBER OF AVAILABLE SUITES
Aliso Viejo 3,400 $3.35 / SF 99
Anaheim 2,100 $2.19 / SF 193
Brea 2,600 $2.48 / SF 89
Buena Park 1,400 $2.33 / SF < 30
Costa Mesa 2,100 $2.85 / SF 285
Dana Point 1,500 $2.80 / SF < 30
Fountain Valley 1,100 $1.71 / SF < 30
Fullerton 1,500 $2.37 / SF 81
Garden Grove 2,900 $2.07 / SF 164
Huntington Beach 1,300 $2.45 / SF 182
Irvine 2,400 $2.78 / SF 1,165
Irvine Spectrum 2,500 $2.59 / SF 196
Laguna Beach 1,100 $4.27 / SF < 30
Laguna Niguel 1,600 $2.63 / SF 82
Lake Forest 2,000 $2.19 / SF 113
Mission Viejo 2,000 $2.35 / SF 116
Newport Beach 1,600 $3.08 / SF 420
Newport Center 1,400 $5.28 / SF 74
Orange 1,900 $2.48 / SF 288
San Clemente 2,000 $2.47 / SF < 30
San Juan Capistrano 1,400 $2.53 / SF < 30
Santa Ana 2,000 $2.18 / SF 565
Tustin 1,600 $1.96 / SF 108
University Town Center 2,300 $2.63 / SF < 30
Westminster 3,200 $2.57 / SF 55
Yorba Linda 1,500 $2.24 / SF 116
*All data is from sources we deem reliable and is tracked to provide tenants an understanding of market and submarket conditions, however we cannot guarantee accuracy and all data should be confirmed prior to any use in the lease or purchase of real property.

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