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Renting Commercial Office Space in Preston Center

As one of the premier locations within the DFW region, the area surrounding Preston Center Plaza is synonymous with high-end retail fronts, residential and commercial real estate companies, and several law firms. Rents are amongst the highest in all of Dallas, ranging between $30 and $45 per SF, the top end of the scale being Class A space comparable to price points found throughout Uptown. While the Preston Center skews towards the upper end of the price and prestige scale, it still offers a wide variety of office space sizes, making it attractive for several different types of companies that are looking for a premier location and don’t mind the higher prices. High foot traffic is a particularly appealing benefit for retailers as many shoppers prefer to park their car in one of the many large lots around Preston Center and stroll through the shops, restaurants, and entertainment options within the area.

Given the many restaurants and retail fronts in the area, employees will always have shopping and eating opportunities during lunch or after office hours. An extremely walkable environment also means employees won’t have to move their car to eat or shop, able to walk around Preston Center and still have time to get back to the office.Sitting between Preston Hollow and University Park, some of the most affluent neighborhoods in DFW are just a short distance away from Preston Center. With Northwest Highway, the Dallas North Tollway, and Central Expressway either crossing through the area or skirting it, many other neighborhoods are still convenient to Preston Center at far more attractive property prices. For singles or couples wanting to live close to work, several high-end condominium complexes are being built in place of older buildings, giving professionals a convenient option near Preston Center’s many law firms and real estate agencies.


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Suite Rates in Preston Center

Suite Sizes in Preston Center

Neighborhood Comparison

Neighborhood Average Available SQFT Average Rate / SQFT PER Month NUMBER OF AVAILABLE SUITES
Addison 2,600 $1.99 / SF 291
Bishop Arts District 4,200 - < 30
Carrollton 2,400 $1.79 / SF 527
Casa Linda 2,300 $3.14 / SF 40
Casa View 2,600 $3.14 / SF 38
Central Expressway 2,100 $2.13 / SF 518
Deep Ellum 3,700 $5.84 / SF < 30
Downtown 2,700 $1.91 / SF 707
East LBJ 1,700 $1.66 / SF 725
Fair Park - - < 30
Far North Dallas 2,200 $1.90 / SF 292
Farmers Branch 1,300 $1.59 / SF 600
Frisco 2,000 $2.79 / SF 191
Garland 1,700 $1.17 / SF 186
Highland Park 2,800 $3.86 / SF 33
Irving 2,600 $1.70 / SF 716
Lake Highlands 1,100 $1.24 / SF 311
Las Colinas 3,300 $1.81 / SF 453
McKinney 1,800 $2.35 / SF 149
Mesquite 1,800 $1.22 / SF 89
North Dallas 1,900 $1.72 / SF 472
Northwest Dallas 1,100 $1.37 / SF 422
Oak Cliff 2,000 $2.88 / SF 72
Oak Lawn 2,900 $3.16 / SF 297
Plano 2,300 $2.28 / SF 565
Preston Center 2,100 $3.64 / SF 120
Preston Hollow 1,800 $1.50 / SF < 30
Redbird 2,100 $1.31 / SF < 30
Richardson 2,300 $1.45 / SF 358
Rockwall 1,600 $2.53 / SF < 30
South Dallas - - < 30
Stemmons 2,600 $1.70 / SF 716
Trinity Groves 2,700 $4.08 / SF < 30
University Park 2,200 $3.79 / SF 103
Uptown 3,300 $3.13 / SF 231
West LBJ 1,600 $1.57 / SF 1,404
*All data is from sources we deem reliable and is tracked to provide tenants an understanding of market and submarket conditions, however we cannot guarantee accuracy and all data should be confirmed prior to any use in the lease or purchase of real property.

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