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Renting Commercial Office Space in Dallas

Dallas, capitalizing on the infrastructure built to by its farming industry in the early 20th century, has since diversified its portfolio of businesses and is home to many Fortune 500 companies. Dallas’ popularity among telecommunication companies has earned it the term Silicon Prairie. Its steady growth since 2000 is attributed to the cost of living and its ability to offer a broad range of recreation in the forms of parks and its developing art district. 

Dallas has become a popular place to live for millennials coming out of college driving the demand in many office space submarkets, but this effect has been nullified by an increase in supply as large companies continue to capitalize on cheaper land to build custom offices and industrial buildings. Steady growth, attributed to its desirability for small businesses and startups along with job seekers continues to drive the Dallas market.

Popular Properties in the Dallas Market

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Dallas Neighborhoods


Addison is a primary source of innovation for the Dallas economy. It’s home to several tech-oriented businesses, professional firms, creative services companies, and the aerospace industry. Addison also features a thriving startup community and many small, fast-growing firms at the cutting-edge of the technology driving Dallas’ economic growth. Office space within Addison favors small to medium-sized businesses and is available in a variety of types. Both traditional office space and creative, open layouts are found in Class A and B along with executive suites and a burgeoning coworking space market. Addison also features several low-rise and mid-rise complexes. Tenants usually receive free unreserved parking with their lease.

Dallas North Tollroad and George Bush Turnpike provide commuters alternatives to traffic found on nearby LBJ and 35E. DART also runs several bus lines throughout Addison and the projected 2022 completion of the Cotton Belt Rail Line will add yet another convenient option for Addison’s workforce. The city is also one of the more bike-friendly areas in the Metroplex. Local amenities are useful in attracting talent to Addison. Restaurant Row on nearby Belt Line Road provides an abundance of dining options. Addison Circle is a recently completed mixed-use development that blends additional dining choices with retail outlets and residential areas. Addison also boasts several parks and entertainment options to make it a great example of the work, live, and play concept becoming so popular in Dallas and many cities across the country.

Popular Properties in the Addison Neighborhood

Central Expressway

Commercial properties along Central Expressway between Downtown and the High Five Interchange are at the heart of the Dallas economy. The area embodies the work, live, and fun concept gaining in popularity throughout the country and is attractive to both businesses and talent. A wide variety of companies and industries call the area home to take advantage of its centralized location and proximity to the best the Metroplex has to offer. The majority of the commercial space available along Central Expressway is traditional Class B space in older office complexes but companies can find a small amount of Class A space in certain buildings.

Central Expressway might be known for rush hour traffic but the city has made substantial progress in providing viable public transportation options throughout the area. DART’s Mockingbird Station is the face of such efforts by giving workers near Central Expressway the ability to Park and Ride into work using the light rail system. Mockingbird Station also serves as the focal point of Dallas’ work, live, and fun movement with a robust selection of dining and entertainment options surrounding the station. The Knox-Henderson and Lower Greenville neighborhoods in East Dallas provide even more convenient social options for talent near Central Expressway. Many nearby neighborhoods in Northeast Dallas are appealing to families with their high-quality schools and abundance of parks, dining options, and other family-friendly amenities. Talent has many housing options just a short drive away that range in everything from luxury homes in exclusive neighborhoods to new apartment complexes.

Popular Properties in the Central Expressway Neighborhood


Downtown Dallas has evolved to keep pace with the region’s thriving economy. A large mixture of companies and industries have come to prefer Downtown for its unique combination of location, convenience, and amenities but tech companies are now the primary driver to Downtown’s commercial space. Such trends will only continue as Dallas’ expanding economy becomes an international hub for technology and innovation. Commercial space in Downtown Dallas is predominantly traditional office space suited for mid-sized organizations. Available Class A space continues to grow as the law firms once so prevalent throughout Downtown exit the area in favor of Uptown and the suburbs. The extremely limited parking coupled with the rush hour traffic on 75 and 35E make the abundance of public transportation options especially beneficial in attracting talent to Downtown Dallas.

The majority of those public transportation options stem from DART’s eight light rail stations either in or just outside of Downtown Dallas serving the Red, Orange, Green, and Blue Lines. The M-Line Trolley also provides a fast and convenient way to get Uptown without having to drive and fight traffic. Downtown Dallas also features several amenities that are attractive to talent. The area features many restaurants and bars for social options. The nearby American Airlines Center hosts several sporting events, concerts, and special events throughout the year. Klyde Warren Park gives Downtown workers easy access to a beautiful 5-acre park that features a variety of food trucks, live music, and exercise classes.

Popular Properties in the Downtown Neighborhood

East LBJ

Commercial properties along East LBJ between Central Expressway and I-30 form the industrial epicenter of the DFW Metroplex. The area is home to several automotive, construction, and service-oriented companies that find a large variety of commercial space types to choose from. Many of the area’s buildings offer combination spaces to serve both industrial and administrative needs under the same roof. Businesses in need of heavier industrial space gravitate towards the far west and east sides of the corridor. More centrally located properties along East LBJ are primarily flex space and Class B traditional office space as well as older mid to high rise complexes. There is very little new construction in the area so the supply of total commercial space is static but comes in a variety of sizes.

East LBJ sees its share of commuting traffic but not to the levels of closeby Central Expressway. Employees in the area can take advantage of many public transit options by using DART’s Blue Line that has the LBJ/Skillman Station virtually in the center of the East LBJ corridor. Plans to expand East LBJ and improve the interchange at I-30 should significantly ease congestion in coming years. The area doesn’t offer much in terms of amenities or dining options aside from fast food chains but there are restaurants west of Central Expressway off of LBJ and closer to Downtown as well. Parking typically isn’t an issue since nearly all complexes offer free parking as part of a tenant’s lease.

Popular Properties in the East LBJ Neighborhood

Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch embodies the rapid economic growth and commercial expansion seen throughout the DFW Metroplex. It’s evolved from a relatively quiet region known for industrial space to a financial powerhouse that now offers a wide variety of office space sizes and types for a diverse set of industries. The growth trend will only continue in Farmers Branch as a planned $1 billion mixed-use development featuring residential and Class A commercial space is already moving forward. Businesses can find larger office space closer to Dallas North Tollway like the new headquarters to Occidental Petroleum and several other large corporate tenants. Small to mid-sized flex, traditional, and warehouse space is available throughout the city. Landlords typically don’t charge for covered parking but reserved parking is a charged service.

Its proximity to Downtown by Dallas North Tollway as well as both airports makes Farmers Branch a convenient location relative to other commercial hubs in the Metroplex. Commuting to the city can be trying given the congestion on LBJ and 35E but George Bush Tollway and Dallas North Tollway offer commuters a convenient reprieve from rush hour traffic. DART also provides effective Park and Ride solutions through the Farmers Branch Station of its light rail system. Local amenities are plentiful in and around Farmers Branch to widen its appeal to talent. The Dallas Galleria, Prestonwood Place, and Addison Town Center are all extremely close and offer many dining, shopping, and entertainment options to local employees.

Popular Properties in the Farmers Branch Neighborhood


Frisco has grown from a relatively quiet group of residential neighborhoods into an economic hub for the DFW Metroplex in recent years. The city now boasts several large corporate headquarters to go along with the many professional firms and distribution companies that call Frisco home. Several development projects are currently underway in Frisco that will further extend its appeal to companies and talent looking for a combination of residential, retail, and higher-end commercial space. Frisco Station is a multi-use development that will add massive amounts of additional office space upon completion. The first stage alone will create an infusion of 225,000 sq ft of office space to Frisco’s commercial real estate market. Most of the existing office space in Frisco is Class A+ high rise and Class B in a wide range of sizes.

Dallas North Tollway bisects the city and serves as a convenient alternative to other freeways and 121. DART also operates several bus lines throughout the city for employees that prefer a Park and Ride option for the daily commute. Parking isn’t an issue in Frisco since a tenant’s monthly lease typically includes 3.5 to 4 spaces per 1,000 sq ft. Amenities are another significant draw for talent to Frisco. Legacy West in nearby Plano offers many dining, entertainment, and retail options. Frisco Station will also add to those options in coming years. A robust residential property market and easy access to Downtown and both airports makes Frisco an attractive option for companies and talent alike.

Popular Properties in the Frisco Neighborhood


Irving is an appealing combination of affordability, location, and convenient access to several freeways. Many industrial and construction companies call Irving home while other industries are starting to gravitate towards Irving’s unique mix of appealing traits. Office space skews towards smaller sizes in Irving and is primarily Class B, Class C, and flex space. Irving’s proximity to both DFW International and Downtown Dallas make it a popular choice for businesses that prefer to be near both economic hubs. New development on 183 will add lanes to make the drive from Irving to Downtown even more convenient in the near future.

The majority of parking in Irving is free but in the instances where it is not, a tenant’s monthly lease usually includes 3.5 to 4 spaces per 1,000 sq ft. Rush hour traffic can be challenging but should get considerably better once expansion on 183 is completed. DART’s Orange light rail line serves the Irving Convention Center Station and provides a Park and Ride option for Irving workers as does several DART bus routes that operate throughout the city. Irving’s amenities are another significant draw for talent to the city. The Irving Convention Center, Irving Mall, and several nearby retail outlets provide ample dining, entertainment, and shopping options for workers. Trinity View Park also offers convenient access to recreation fields, walking and jogging trails, and picnic facilities. Irving Arts Center hosts many cultural events and provides a variety of classes to give employees a variety of amenity options.

Popular Properties in the Irving Neighborhood

Las Colinas

Las Colinas is an exclusive enclave within Irving that is a stalwart of big business in the booming Dallas economy. Some of the largest corporations in the world have their headquarters in Las Colinas but the area is in no way limited to those titans of modern industry. Office space in Las Colinas reflects that thought by offering a wide variety of sizes and types. The area has one of the highest office space densities in the entire Metroplex. Businesses will find an assortment of Class A, flex, and warehouse space. Tenants typically receive access to 3.5 to 4 parking spaces per 1,000 sq ft of leased space and high-density parking is available in particular complexes.

Las Colinas' central location gives businesses and employees convenient access to many local freeways as well as DFW International and the Irving Convention Center. Such a location makes Las Colinas a popular destination for business conferences and hosting corporate guests. Employees commuting into Las Colinas can use the George Bush Turnpike, various bus lines, or DART’s Orange light rail line and its Las Colinas Urban Station to avoid rush hour on the nearby freeways. The Toyota Music Factory is a useful local amenity to attract talent into businesses within Las Colinas. The facility gives workers convenient access to numerous restaurants, retailers, and even a music venue that hosts a variety of concerts throughout the year. Several golf courses, parks, the Irving Mall, and the Irving Arts Center are also either in Las Colinas or just a short drive away.

Popular Properties in the Las Colinas Neighborhood


Every thriving economy needs an corporate hub where companies form an impressive face that speaks of the power and prestige of the region. Plano fills that role well in the DFW Metroplex as the heart of the dynamic Dallas economy where a broad spectrum of companies from a variety of industries are headquartered. Office space in Plano is a calling card telling all who will listen that your goals are ambitious and future is bright.

With Fortune 500 headliners like Liberty Mutual, Toyota, Raytheon, FedEx and more, Plano isn’t lacking for star power. Organizations including financial services, energy, technology and manufacturing, commercial space in Plano is varied to meet the needs of many different sectors. The majority of the space is Class A+, Class A, and Class B at $36 SF, $30 SF, and $23 SF price points, respectively, and ranges between 2,500-100,000 SF.

Traffic can be an issue during rush hour, particularly on Central Expressway on the east side of the city. Workers in Plano have several options to shorten their daily commute. Between the Dallas North Tollway, Sam Rayburn Tollway, and George Bush Turnpike, commuters can skip the congestion of Central Expressway. Purchasing an NTTA TollTag makes the experience even more convenient, saving you time on your morning and afternoon commutes.

Popular Properties in the Plano Neighborhood

Preston Center

Preston Center isn’t just the focal point of the Dallas luxury retail market. It’s also home to several professional firms mainly in the real estate and legal industries. Preston Center is an enviable address in an area that always seems to evolve a few steps ahead of the Metroplex itself. Companies looking for space near Preston Center will find an even mix of high-end traditional and retail commercial space in a wide variety of sizes. The high foot traffic throughout the area makes it especially appealing to retailers as shoppers flock to the abundance of parking and numerous brand names, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Rush hour traffic can be challenging near Preston Center but employees have an abundance of other commuting options to avoid the congestion on LBJ and 35E. DART’s light rail and bus lines all run near the area while Dallas North Tollway is an appealing option for those that still prefer to drive into work. Living near the Preston Center is also useful in attracting talent. Older buildings are being torn down in favor of newer, high-end condominium complexes. Several affluent neighborhoods like Preston Hollow and University Park are also a short distance away while those looking for more affordable options have ample choices as well. Preston Center is a desirable location for a variety of businesses that want to leverage its many benefits that will continually attract an influx of talent.


Richardson is known as the Telecom Corridor. The city boasts a variety of cutting-edge industries including telecommunications, IT, software, and biosciences. Many professional and business services, manufacturing companies, and international corporations also call Richardson home. Office space ranges from large corporate headquarters to an abundance of flex and tech space with production areas and overhead doors. Most of the available traditional space is Class A or Class B and suited for medium to large sized companies. Richardson also sees a fair amount of new construction like the CityLine mixed-use development. CityLine will continue to add office space to the market as well as advancing the popular work, live, and play concept becoming prevalent through much of DFW. Parking is abundant throughout the city with many free and unreserved lots.

Workers in Richardson have many commuting options besides the local freeways. Those that favor a Park and Ride commuting solution can utilize DART’s several light rail stations within the city serving the Red and Orange Lines. The Cotton Belt Commuter Rail’s DFW International line will be another public transit option upon completion in the next few years. Richardson’s many local amenities and attractions are potent tools in attracting talent into the area. Employees have access to a number of microbreweries, restaurants, parks, and walking trails all within city limits. A top-ranked local school system and the award-winning UT Dallas make Richardson an especially attractive destination for families looking for a healthy combination of family, education, and career.

Popular Properties in the Richardson Neighborhood


Stemmons is unique in the DFW Metroplex due to the diverse set of industries it serves and variety of commercial space it offers. Light industrial markets and micro-markets, auto-related companies, furniture showrooms, and small to mid-size service companies make good use of the small distribution warehouses around the city. The Live-Work Design District is a popular choice for businesses in need of space suited for design, showroom, and makerspace functions. Much of the commercial space is traditional Class A, Class B, or industrial and best-suited for small to medium-sized companies. The traditional space layouts found in value-rich Lower Stemmons are popular with call centers, data centers, and staffing agencies that serve IT, government, and various corporate tenants. Several large construction projects like the West Love mixed-use development area will be adding significant amounts of commercial space to the Stemmons market over the next few years.

Workers commuting to Stemmons have access to Dallas North Tollway to avoid much of the rush hour congestion on 35E. DART’s Orange and Green Lines also operate within the city to make Park & Ride solutions attractive for those that prefer to leave the car at home. Parking is typically not an issue in Stemmons since it is both abundant and free with unreserved spaces built into a lease. Access to DFW and Love Field is convenient as are the many dining options for employees on Restaurant Row along nearby Belt Line Rd. Both Vitruvian Park and Village on the Parkway are shopping options that provide even more amenities that the modern worker finds attractive.

Popular Properties in the Stemmons Neighborhood


Uptown is the face of modern Dallas. It offers both businesses and employees an appealing mix of work and lifestyle that is especially attractive to professional firms in the legal, accounting, and financial industries. Ongoing construction throughout Uptown focuses on combination properties that feature residential, office, and retail space under the same roof to further enhance Uptown’s balance of work, home, and play. Commercial space in Uptown can be found in an extremely wide range of sizes and almost entirely Class A and B. Parking is limited throughout the area but most buildings offer valet services and paid parking. Uptown is one of the more bike-friendly areas in the entire Metroplex and a high degree of walkability makes it easy for workers to get around without having to drive.

Light traffic relative to virtually every other area in DFW also makes Uptown a unique choice for office space. McKinney Avenue is the main thoroughfare and features a trolley that makes traversing Uptown quick and convenient. Commuting into the area is made much easier by DART’s Blue, Red, and Orange light rail lines that serve the CityPlace/Uptown Station. Uptown’s variety of amenities is yet another distinguishing characteristic that makes it attractive to talent. Employees will find several restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues spread throughout the area ranging from casual fare to exclusive establishments. The famous Katy Trail also gives convenient access to a beautiful and safe walking trail that provides workers with the opportunity to enjoy nature in the heart of Uptown.

Popular Properties in the Uptown Neighborhood

West LBJ

The area around West LBJ is known as the center of the Metroplex. Commercial space along the corridor west of Preston Road attracts a wide variety of industries for its centralized location and proximity to LBJ. Companies in search of heavier industrial space find suitable buildings to the far west end of the corridor. Most of the space near West LBJ is flex space and traditional Class A and B space as well as mid to high rise complexes. Availability will rise over the next few years as the nearby Valley View Mall is being replaced with additional office space which will surely be in high demand. There isn’t much public parking along West LBJ but most leases provide 3.5 to 4 parking spots per 1,000 sq ft of space as part of a tenant’s lease.

Employees working near West LBJ can avoid much of the rush hour congestion on nearby Central Expressway and 35E by using Dallas North Tollway. Those that favor public transportation will find DART light rail and bus lines operating throughout the area which makes Park and Ride an attractive option for talent. Dallas North Tollway also provides convenient access to popular areas like Downtown, Uptown, and the many amenities found in Addison. The Galleria is another nearby alternative for workers around West LBJ looking for restaurants, retail outlets, and entertainment options. Such convenience to local dining and shopping makes West LBJ especially attractive to talent throughout the Metroplex.

Popular Properties in the West LBJ Neighborhood

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