Hillsboro Village

Key Factors

Hillsboro Village is predominantly retail space with small pockets of commercial office space. There are some smaller office buildings with great space for small businesses.

Young Neighborhood

Students and young families surround this area and can be found regularly amongst the tourists in the family friendly neighborhood.

Nashville Landmarks

Some of Nashville's most famous eateries are in Hillsboro Village. Pancake Pantry, a classic breakfast spot with a line out the door and Fido's a converted dog shop to coffee and restaurant are among them.


All the streets are sidewalk friendly, making it a great place to stroll and a popular running area.

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Neighborhood Comparison

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Average Rent Vacancy Rate Parking Walkability
Downtown $20 - $24/SF 13.5%
Music Row $24 - $28/SF 5%
West End $24 - $26/SF 3%
Berry Hill $18 - $22/SF 8%
East Nashville $18 -22/SF 7%
21st Ave $22 - $24/SF 10%
SoBro $20 - $24/SF 5%
Gulch $28 - $35/SF 5%
Germantown $20 -$24/SF 2%
Green Hills $22 - $24/SF 7%
Brentwood $22 - $24/SF 2.5%
Cool Springs/Franklin $24 - $26/SF 2%
Airport $18 - $20/SF 12.5%
Metrocenter $17- $19/SF 9%

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