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Renting Coworking Space in Charlotte

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Popular Coworking Space in the Charlotte Market

Suite Rates in Charlotte

Suite Sizes in Charlotte

Neighborhood Comparison

Neighborhood Average Available SQFT Average Rate / SQFT PER Month NUMBER OF AVAILABLE SUITES
Airport Area 400 $1.97 / SF 176
Commonwealth, Charlotte 400 $1.97 / SF 176
Concord 400 $1.97 / SF 176
Downtown Charlotte 400 $1.97 / SF 176
Gastonia 400 $1.97 / SF 176
Rock Hill 400 $1.97 / SF 176
South End 400 $1.97 / SF 176
University Place 400 $1.97 / SF 176
Uptown Charlotte 400 $1.97 / SF 176
Wedgewood 400 $1.97 / SF 176
*All data is from sources we deem reliable and is tracked to provide tenants an understanding of market and submarket conditions, however we cannot guarantee accuracy and all data should be confirmed prior to any use in the lease or purchase of real property.

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