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About Sharese

As a commercial real estate advisor I allow business owners focus on their business while I focus on their commercial real estate business. Commercial real estate can be complex, we help business owners align their business needs so they can focus on increasing profit and not expenses.

Sharese Leggette, dedicated SC & NC commercial real estate broker under a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm with a rich history of over 30 years serving commercial property owners. With over 8 years of experience in real estate, I have successfully assisted property owners like you in achieving their real estate goals.

My background, which includes previous service as an Army veteran, a corporate career in technology, and management expertise; has equipped me with diverse skillsets that compliments my real estate expertise. This background has honed my research skills, organizational abilities, and discipline, enabling me to thoroughly analyze market data, execute meticulous project management, and stay focused on intricate real estate transactions. These qualities are invaluable in ensuring optimal results and a smooth experience for our clients.

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SVN Blackstream