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Los Angeles

Renting Commercial Office Space in Los Angeles

The Greater Los Angeles area is the second most populous office market in the country to New York City. Due to the entertainment industry and manufacturing prominence the city experienced tremendous growth following World War II. It holds the three largest production studios for film and television Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Universal Picture with a large amount of it’s economy based on media industry. Los Angeles is also the largest manufacturing center in the West and holds the fifth busiest port in the world which holds vital to trade in the Pacific. In total it holds 75 miles of sunny coastline with popular beach locations making Los Angeles office space a unique mix of options for startups and small businesses to work, live and play.

More recently Los Angeles has become a popular destination and launching pad for startups and technology companies. With the name "Silicon Beach" the west side Los Angeles is reported to house over 500 startups with larger tech firms and investors taking notice. In the wake of Snap's IPO the amount of venture capital and infrastructure to build a true technology eco system is thought to be inevitable in Los Angeles.

Popular Properties in the Los Angeles Market

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Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Beverly Hills

Commonly known as home to the Hollywood Stars, Beverly Hills is a city in LA County surrounded by Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Beverly Hills is also home to the entertainment company Live Nation and Hilton Hotels Corporation. Rodeo Drive is infamous for it’s high end shopping district full of designer boutiques. Maybe less known is the Beverly Hills Oil Fields which has four oil drilling sites in the area.

Popular Properties in the Beverly Hills Neighborhood

Buena Park

Northwest of Anaheim, Buena Park, boasts of many tourist attractions including Knott’s Berry Farm and it’s sister water park Knott’s Soak City which all cover about 160 acres. Also along Beach Blvd you’ll find many preserved historical buildings such as the city’s museum (Whitaker-Jaynes House), the Bacon House and the Sage Stop Hotel. A three level retail center is currently under construction at the end of Beach Blvd that will hold an international food court and high end theater. Tucked away in the Northeast side of the city is the beautiful Los Coyotes Country Club, a 23 hole championship course where the LPGA has been hosted. Ralph B. Clark Regional park boasts one hundred and five acres of nature trails with an amphitheatre, small museum and stocked fishing pond.


Downtown LA has experienced renovations and redevelopment to give the district a new boost for companies and residents alike. Due to adaptive re ordinances in the last decade many of the older buildings that were vacated once the financial district moved to the Bunker Hill area have now been repurposed to residential units which has brought new life into the city. Other recent development projects include Grand Park, Walt Disney Concert Hall and Staples Center that has brought entertainment into the downtown life. 

After years of rebuilding Downtown is now seeing a lure back to the renovated historic buildings and their charm. The technology scene has taken hold of the city as well with over 80 technology based companies calling downtown home. Downtown has experienced a large amount of growth and attention and has lots of diverse opportunities for office space.

Popular Properties in the Downtown Neighborhood

El Segundo

El Segundo is directly south of the Los Angeles Airport and shares its coastline with the Santa Monica Bay. With the combination of Chevron’s refinery and it’s close proximity to the airport the city has grown to become a major aeronautical and industrial business center. Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and The Aerospace Corporation all have facilities in the area. home to the Los Angeles Air Force Base. Mattel, AT&T Entertainment, and Stamps.com are also headquartered in El Segundo.

Popular Properties in the El Segundo Neighborhood


Glendale is the fourth largest city in LA and holds a diverse mix of residential and commercial office space. In the early 20th century Glendale was a large part of the advances in aviation including the first departure point for Charles Lindburgh West to East coast flight - the original terminal still stands today. Throughout the years Glendale has grown to be a hub for many businesses across the industries of entertainment, dining, and technology. 

As a neighboring city of Burbank, Glendale has served as an overflow for many companies in the entertainment industry. It is home to over 25 companies in the film and TV industry including DreamWorks Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios. Down Honolulu Blvd you’ll see a wide selection of retail space with shopping and restaurants. Other major companies headquartered in Glendale includes Whole Foods Market, Legal Zoom, Dine Equity/IHOP and Public Storage.


Inglewood neighborhood is nicknamed “The City of Champions” and is just south of the Los Angeles’ International Airport. This area will soon be the home of state of the art Los Angeles Stadium of Hollywood Park which will serve as the home field NFL Rams and Chargers. This new stadium has created a lot of buzz in the neighborhood and has brought attention to the surrounding real estate as the new stadium plans to open in 2020 and is slotted to host the Super Bowl in 2028.

Long Beach

Long Beach is difficult to define in a way that’s its greatest strength. Part oceanfront paradise, part industrial powerhouse, commercial real estate in Long Beach is as varied as the city itself. Both the town and its eclectic mix of businesses use its unique combination of location, environment, history, and diversity as powerful drivers for growth. As demonstrated by its booming Downtown district, Long Beach is a thriving market and powerful financial anchor for the entire Greater Los Angeles economy.

The commercial real estate market in Long Beach offers something for everyone within its massive footprint. The Port of Long Beach is the second largest port in the country and features a vast inventory of industrial space. Belmont Shore is a prototypical California beach environment with trendy restaurants, retail, office buildings, and sightseeing. Downtown Long Beach typifies the city's explosive growth with new developments and redevelopments continually bolstering the area's claim as an economic powerhouse.

Space size has a wide range but generally averages around 2,000 sq ft in the low to mid $2.00/sq ft range for office space and in the $3.50 to $4.00/sq ft range for Downtown retail space. Parking is currently restricted due to the many construction projects throughout Downtown but will clear up significantly upon completion. Many buildings have their own dedicated structures that offer two hours of free parking.

Popular Properties in the Long Beach Neighborhood


Pasadena is Northeast of Downtown LA and commonly known as “The City of Roses”. This primary cultural center of the San Gabriel Valley boasts many activities with botanical gardens, museums, and other attractions such as The Wrigley Mansiona. Old Pasadena holds one of the most vibrant walkable areas with shops, dining, and all the modern conveniences. The city of Pasadena is also known for the Rose Bowl for college football and home to the UCLA Bruins, and the Rose Parade held every year January 1st. 

Popular Properties in the Pasadena Neighborhood

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a renowned beach city and resort town just West of Downtown LA with a three mile coast line that fronts Santa Monica Bay. Colorado Avenue runs through the city offering retail and office space, and ends with the Santa Monica pier with a state of the art solar paneled ferris wheel. 

The area is known well for it’s advancements in creating an environmentally friendly city with initiatives spanning for use of parks as well as the commercial real estate development. It is home to many notable companies such as Hulu, Universal Music Group, Lionsgate, Beachbody and TenantBase!

Popular Properties in the Santa Monica Neighborhood


Torrance is on the southwest border of Los Angeles county in a region known as the South Bay. Torrance hosts a wide range of businesses including the US Headquarters of Honda Motors and King’s Hawaiian main Bakery facility. The city offers luxurious shopping at Del Amo Fashion Center one of the 5 largest malls in America. With 46 parks and recreational facilities Torrance has a wide range of activities in the city.

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