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Renting Commercial Office Space in Houston

Houston, TX is the largest city in Texas and the fourth most populous in the United States. It is home to a wide array of industries including energy, medical, aeronautics and manufacturing.  Despite its size and rapid growth, Houston offers a favorable quality of life, low cost of living and a skilled workforce making it a top choice for both small and large companies looking for commercial office space.

Higher office vacancy rates in Houston put tenants at an advantage when searching for office space. Small business owners and startups can capitalize on the current market with due diligence and the support of an experience commercial real estate broker during lease negotiations. Houston has a neighborhood to suit any space requirement and budget. As a whole the city is well-amenitized offering a broad array of cultural, sporting and entertainment options.   

Popular Properties in the Houston Market

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Houston Neighborhoods


Downtown Houston is building upon its storied roots for a bright and ambitious future. This movement towards change and constant improvement is most evident by the massive renovations occurring throughout the Downtown Houston streets. Older buildings are making way for new complexes through the Plan Downtown initiative to better align with the lofty economic goals felt throughout the region. Such efforts will expand the already dominant Class A+ space available Downtown which accompanies a burgeoning coworking space market. Oil & gas, government agencies, accounting and law firms, local colleges, and startups all take advantage of Downtown’s mix of high-end traditional, coworking space, and abundant parking.

Talent flocks to Downtown Houston for its convenient public transportation options, numerous amenities, and a walkability factor that makes it easy to traverse the area. The METRORail light rail system takes the delays out of typical Houston traffic with several stations serving the immediate region. Several restaurants and entertainment options are a short walk from most of the businesses calling Downtown home. Houston’s Downtown Tunnel System is an especially unique and appealing local attraction with even more dining and retail choices that also provides relief from the hot summer months. Along with Minute Maid Park, the Toyota Center, the House of Blues, and the Downtown Aquarium, Downtown Houston offers a booming economy, convenient transportation, and several amenities to draw talent into companies calling the thriving area home.

Popular Properties in the Downtown Neighborhood


The Galleria area of Houston is symbolic of the city's robust growth and the glamorous face of its booming economy. Also known as Uptown, the Galleria features high-end retail space as well as a variety of big industry and professional firms to make it an important epicenter for Houston commerce, employment, and growth. Uptown's commercial space matches the diverse needs of its tenants, consisting primarily of Class A, Class A+, coworking, flex, and retail space. Parking is abundant throughout the area with valet services at nearly every location as well as a garage and massive surface lot in Uptown.

The many appealing amenities in and around the Galleria are particularly attractive to Houston talent. The Post Oak Boulevard Project is overhauling the area’s drivability and public transportation options to lend Uptown convenient commuting options and a generally pleasant and welcoming environment. The Galleria and nearby Uptown Shopping Center both feature exclusive brands and luxury shops as well as several restaurants and bars to give employees ample shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Local green space in Hines Waterwall Park and Memorial Park combines with several high-end residential communities to create a satisfying work/life balance that makes the Galleria an attractive option for businesses and talent alike.

Popular Properties in the Galleria Neighborhood

Katy Freeway

Commercial space along Katy Freeway makes up the core of Houston's famous Energy Corridor. Several energy industry titans have a significant presence along Katy Freeway to build on Houston's dominance in oil and gas. The majority of the office space in the area is Class A but companies can find some Class B in a small number of complexes. Frequent expansion is rapidly adding to the traditional office and mixed-use space available in the area. Nearly all of the properties feature garage parking for tenants.

Several freeways and public transportation systems conveniently and efficiently serve the over 90,000 employees commuting into the Energy Corridor every workday. Between Sam Houston Tollway and Katy Freeway’s own toll lanes and HOV lanes, workers have options to lessen the impact of Houston's infamous traffic. METRO’s Addicks Park and Ride Station, over 50 miles of bike trails, and several rideshare programs add even more commuting solutions for the Energy Corridor workforce. Companies can leverage the numerous restaurants, shopping, and entertainment choices at CityCentre to draw talent into the area. When coupled with easy access to green space and nature trails in Terry Hershey Park, many condominium and apartment complexes, and expanding residential neighborhoods, space near Katy Freeway is convenient and appealing for both work and home.

Popular Properties in the Katy Freeway Neighborhood

Hwy 290/North Loop

The North Loop and 290 section of Houston is the professional backbone of the city. The area is popular with many different types of professional and big industry firms including IT, accounting, marketing, energy, law firms, and several others. Office space in the area is primarily Class A, Class B, and coworking space. Garage parking is abundant throughout North Loop and 290 and is typically negotiable as part of the lease.

A massive expansion project will significantly improve the commute to the area upon completion with widened freeways and HOV lanes. Local talent also enjoys the convenience of the several METRO bus lines and the NW Station for Park & Ride options. The Galleria and Memorial Park offer numerous entertainment, shopping, and recreational choices to provide the amenities that companies find so helpful in drawing talent into an organization. Its proximity to several freeways and major streets also means the several nearby residential areas further improve the ever important work/life balance that are so valued by the modern workforce.

Popular Properties in the Hwy 290/North Loop Neighborhood

The Woodlands

Houston's thriving economy requires a healthy mix of both commercial and residential growth to continue on its prosperous track. The Woodlands is a robust suburban community that embodies that ideal balance with attractive residential neighborhoods to accompany the energy, higher education, manufacturing, and healthcare industries that gravitate to the area. Businesses will find a variety of commercial space sizes in traditional office, flex, industrial, coworking, and Class A space. The Creekside development is rapidly expanding commercial mixed-use space as well. Parking throughout the Woodlands is generally good at most locations but can vary from building to building.

The area is especially attractive to talent with its appealing combination of amenities, excellent schools, and extensive residential areas. The Waterway Square district and Hughes Landing offer several dining, retail, and entertainment options within a natural setting. The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion hosts several concerts and events throughout the year to further extend the recreational options to local talent. All of these factors work together to make the Woodlands one of the most enviable destinations for businesses and talent in the greater Houston area.

Popular Properties in the The Woodlands Neighborhood


Houston is rapidly evolving to meet the lofty expectations driven by its thriving economy. Westchase is helping to lead the charge in this movement by transforming itself into a critical hub for a variety of industries. Retail powerhouses, cutting-edge electronics, technology, big oil, and many other types of companies have headquarters in Westchase. Organizations have a wide selection of Class A, Class B, retail, warehouse, and coworking space to choose from throughout the area. Parking is available in many garage and surface lots and tenants can usually negotiate for parking space as part of their lease.

The area features many transportation options and amenities that make it appealing to Houston talent. Westchase has direct and convenient access to many freeways as well as several bus routes and Park & Ride programs. The Westpark Express is an especially popular option as it runs parallel with Westpark Tollway and features many connecting routes. The neighborhood also features dozens of restaurants as well as farmers markets and ample shopping choices. A network of outdoor trails and a long-range plan from the City of Houston ensures talent will have easy access to ample green space that is yet another powerful tool in drawing talent to companies that make Westchase their home.

Popular Properties in the Westchase Neighborhood

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