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About Reno/Tahoe

Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, LLC is led by a mother-daughter team of real estate brokers who have taken our business model to new levels of customized residential, commercial and leasing services.
We’re confident we can “dial-in” our services to meet your needs, whether you
are a small shop or a medium to large business looking for a new start in
business-friendly Northern Nevada. The same “dialing-in” confidence applies to
you if your company is a small to larger manufacturer who is already in Nevada but
wants to take advantage of adding or moving to a Northern Nevada location. We
can help you find land upon which to build, buildings in which to manufacture,
or storage facilities to purchase or lease.

We are the team that will make the connections, and most importantly, we’re the nationally recognized experts who, in addition to supporting your corporate real estate needs, can identify a complete range of housing options and prices for your management, staff and
employees – wherever you choose to do business in Northern Nevada!

We’re both Nevada-born and educated kindergarten through our Baccalaureate Degrees at the University of Nevada, Reno; Nevada is our home and that of our families. Our professional team includes over 15 agents, knowledgeable about Reno, Sparks and Tahoe, to assist you and to uphold our reputation as a community-connected and exclusive,
boutique real estate company with what many have characterized as “one-stop
concierge services”, complementing our status as an independent real estate

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