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MAP Real Estate has been helping its commercial clients for 35 years. To our knowledge, we are the only mission-driven tenant rep firm, pioneering the practice of client-directed, broker-funded philanthropy. We’ve given at least 10% of our commissions to the nonprofits chosen by our clients, starting long before it became fashionable. We take pride in our experience and the way we do business.


Since 1986, MAP Real Estate, Inc. has been providing customized advisory and brokerage services to taxable and tax-exempt office users in the Chicago metropolitan area.

MAP has successfully completed over 900 transactions and is fully owned by Sharon Porter and led by its founder, Chicago native and Sharon’s proud husband, Michael Pink. He has overseen each MAP transaction, gaining broad insight into every aspect of office leasing.

In 1995, Michael and Sharon began a charitable program called Investing In Communities® (IIC). In 2010 they launched IIC as an IL nonprofit to scale their concept of client-directed/broker-funded philanthropy. Now, consumers across the country, and at no personal expense, can support virtually any charity or school using a significant part of their agent’s commission. The model works with leases for commercial space and with the purchase and sale of both commercial and residential real estate. IIC’s model works regardless of the agents that are chosen and does not rely on agent-generosity. It is powered by competition.

IIC has distributed $685,000+ to 142 charities, of which $580,000+ has come from MAP’s commissions. Michael and Sharon have personally funded all expenses and have volunteered all of the time associated with operating IIC.

MAP’s experience and commitment to the community make it a partner and guide you can feel good about working with to develop leasing or ownership options for your “new normal”.

We achieve a solution that satisfies the specifics of your unique agenda.

Our meticulous process economizes your time, while maximizing your negotiating leverage and control. By developing multiple, detailed alternatives tailored to your specific requirements and desires, we put you in the negotiating driver’s seat, fully informed. You can be sure that you have obtained the most favorable terms for the space you choose, while maintaining the strongest defensive position throughout the process.

MAP’s team has the knowledge and experience to optimally manage your entire transaction, whether the preferred solution is to remain in your current space or relocate to a more optimal space in the same or a different building.

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