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We are Omni Realty Group – established with one goal in mind – to represent tenants and buyers in the search for solutions to their commercial real estate needs.

Are you looking for ways to save your business money?

  • Have you renegotiated your commercial lease recently?
  • Are you overpaying?
  • Do you know what tenant representation is and how can it save you money?

We can help you answer all those questions – and more.

Representation avoids the potential conflicts and politics of a large organization that attempt to represent both tenants/buyers and the landlords/sellers simultaneously. Instead, our representation strategy offers a greater personalized level of service as we choose to work on fewer transactions. This gives us the ability to spend substantially more time on individual deals, which we feel is our fiduciary responsibility for our exclusive customers. By remaining independent, we are able to evaluate properties strictly from the standpoint of meeting our client’s criteria, leveraging the best deal possible, while avoiding potential conflicts of interest.

Omni Realty Group provides analytic, advisory and implementation services. Our primary focus is representing businesses seeking to lease, purchase and/or develop space for their own use.

Based in beautiful Central Pennsylvania, our Harrisburg office operates nationally, both directly and through affiliations in the major markets. The range of clients we serve is comprehensive, covering all sizes, fields and industries. We stay with and support our clients throughout the entire facilities decision-making process, every step of the way.

Our Philosophy

At Omni Realty, our mission is to secure the most effective space at the most favorable terms for our clients. We use research, skill and experience to offer unmatched, highly personalized service while carefully determining our clients’ needs and analyzing all possible solutions.

We find answers and solid solutions for our clients, implementing creative strategies and guiding them throughout the decision-making process. With our in-house depth of talent, we have been able to create a unique organization.

During the past decade, we have witnessed many changes in the real estate industry. Securitization, changes in technology and the growth in corporate consolidations have all had a major impact. Markets have grown in response to industries, neighborhoods have evolved and certain urban areas have boomed. As the needs of our markets and clients change, we will continue to evaluate our services, staying ahead of the trends. Through constant advancement and growth, Omni Realty has consistently provided cutting-edge assistance to our clients.

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