Matthew Frazee

RFF Tenant Advisory

About Matthew

Matthew Frazee serves as founder and managing
principal of RFF. With nearly 20 of experience in commercial real estate
and business advisory services, he brings a proven process to his
client’s transaction strategy creation and execution. A tireless client
advocate, Matthew has consistently produced market-leading outcomes that
have earned numerous local, regional, and national occupiers’ trust and
loyalty. He is widely respected amongst colleagues and industry peers
as a thought leader on corporate real estate trends and a “go-to”
resource for local market intelligence.

Primary focus in
consulting mid-cap organizations on portfolio strategy and management,
helping high growth startups mitigate long term occupancy exposure and
advising privately held firms and non profits on local market
transactions, In this role, Matthew has lent his expertise to clients on
hundreds of lease and purchase negotiations, asset
acquisitions/dispositions projects, financial and market analyses, lease
audits and portfolio diagnostic consultations.

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