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About Marc

Strategic thinking, leadership, and an analytical mindset have allowed me to take the companies I’ve been involved in to the next level.

As a seasoned executive and corporate strategist with 20 years under my belt and over $1 billion in investment experience, I’ve been in both large corporations and entrepreneurial environments. I currently am currently Principal & Managing Partner at Adventum Funds & Advisory. We provide growth advisory services, both in the form of business strategy and help, while also providing strategice real estate services such as tenant representation for leasing space or buying a new building for their growing business. We focus on Austin or Central Texas based companies.

We have a tremendous amount of experience working with clients in preparing for a move or expansion. We work with our clients on financing new purchases of real estate with either debt or raising money from investment partners. We are also able to provide capital to purchase real estate for our clients as well and can help them evaluate the lease versus own scenario.

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