Kate Wai

eXp Commercial - Pennsylvania

About Kate

I'm a seasoned professional who's embarked on a fascinating journey from pharmacy to finance and now to the captivating realm of Commercial Real Estate (CRE). With a comprehensive background spanning these fields, I specialize in transforming opportunities across various facets of CRE while maintaining a unique focus on healthcare and biotech sectors.

Versatile Expertise

Having navigated through the worlds of pharmacy and finance, I've discovered my true passion lies in crafting strategic investments that transcend industry boundaries. My focus extends to various sectors within CRE, including but not limited to:

  • Dialysis Clinics

  • Medical Office Buildings

  • R&D Industrial properties

  • Retail Pharmacies

  • Laboratories

  • Outpatient Medical

and more.

Guiding Investment Success

In the intricate landscape of CRE, it takes more than numbers to make informed decisions. It requires insight, analysis, and an understanding of ever-evolving market trends. As a consultant, I leverage my diverse experience to guide investors and businesses toward sound investments that yield long-term growth.

My brokerage team

eXp Commercial - Pennsylvania