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About Jon

“Deal-making is like a puzzle that requires not simply diligence and strategy but at times an iron will.”
-Felix G. Rohatyn, Financier

Jonathan was fortunate enough to begin his career in real estate as a senior in high school, in October of 2003, and entered the commercial world in June of 2006.

Brokering commercial deals as a generalist leasing & selling properties of all asset classes, Jonathan now changes with the tides where he can provide the most value to his team and his clients, alike.

couple of favorite transactions of 2019…

Studio 38 Design Studio | an owner-user purchase of an industrial, quasi-retail building in sprawling Downtown Morgan Hill. Owned by Dave Domenichini, a skilled home remodeler, businessman, community philanthropist, and car lover.

Incorta | office tenant leasing for some of the funnest & smartest folks at a tech company I’ve had the pleasure to work with. What captivated our team initially was how they found a new way to analyze enterprise data, and alternative to the long-standing monopoly of data analytics known as “ETL.” Funded & believed in by Kleiner, GVentures (little company in Mountain View), Sorenson, and more.

business passions…
Entrepreneurs & Companies, and their stories
Marketing, both print & digital equally
Negotiation, finding a great solution for all parties, respectively

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