Joey Kline


About Joey

I never thought I would come back to Atlanta.

But, after moving back for business school and witnessing the enormous transformation that the urban center of Atlanta was experiencing (the BeltLine, the cranes of Midtown, etc.), I was drawn in. Now, I’m an Atlanta fanatic who asks every morning “how can I make this city a better place?” My contribution comes in the form of being a real estate adviser - helping cool companies doing interesting things make the most of the changing urban landscape to align with their strategy/culture/recruitment/retention.

With its population expected to triple over the next 30 years, Atlanta will be a very different place in my lifetime, and I’m dedicated to being at the forefront of its next iteration as a more urban and technology-focused metropolis.

The value I bring to clients is that I don’t see the world in real estate transactions - I see it through the lens of ever-deepening personal relationships, and as a former start-up employee. I love to meet great people building interesting companies that are contributing to the City that I love, and I relish the chance to serve as a connector to others in my network who can be helpful. I have the immense privilege of getting up every morning and absolutely loving what I do, and I bring that enthusiasm to every interaction.

I’m also a huge metal-head, and dog lover.

Companies Hire Me To:
1. Find badass space that enables a great culture and team
2. Upsize, downsize, reconfigure space
3. Evaluate lease vs. purchase
4. Evaluate multiple sites or cities for relocation
5. Lower occupancy cost and increase space efficiency

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