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When I was 16 years old my father passed away. This devastating event changed my life in many ways, but an unexpected one was my beginning in real estate. You see, when my father passed he willed our family home to myself and my 3 older sisters and this became my 1st investment property. A year later I read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and became convinced that real estate investment was a means to accomplish financial freedom.

Over the next 12 years, I increased my ownership of my 1st investment property by buying my sisters out. During this time I worked as a sales representative and then a sales manager for Vector Marketing selling CUTCO Cutlery, went to college at Northern Arizona University for business management and marketing, and started multiple real estate businesses. Throughout this journey my most successful venture was STEEZY.Digital, a marketing agency focusing on helping top 1% real estate and mortgage brokers with branding, advertising, and copywriting.

My success with STEEZY.Digital led me to start Lockbox: A Podcast Providing Real Estate Professionals with Action Items for Success. This podcast became the catalyst for me to meet some of the top 1% of real estate investors, brokers, and mortgage professionals in the world! With each new podcast interview guest, I expanded my elite real estate network and learned a new secret of the rich. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. As my network grew and I continued to learn the best practices from my interview guests, I began to see a vision. From the perspective and tactics of these top real estate professionals, I began to put together the ultimate business plan to help real estate investors build and preserve wealth.

In 2021 I established Brogger Realty, a commercial real estate firm focusing on helping property owners get top-dollar, defer taxes, and reinvest wherever they want without paying capital gains tax. Brogger Realty acts as a marketing agent by discovering commercial property owners and giving them access to our exclusive network of pre-qualified investors, brokers, and tax specialists. This provides the property owner with options unlike any they have ever seen before. Brogger Realty now offers property owners the ability to choose whether they want to sell off-market or on-market, then provides them with a unique tax shelter called a deferred sales trust. This end-to-end solution is offered seamlessly from Brogger Realty due to our exclusive top 1% professional real estate network.

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