Jeff Reber

Real Estate Asset Strategies

About Jeff

I have been involved in all aspects of commercial
real estate since 1980. I have worked for several large national and
international real estate companies including, Jones Lang LaSalle, PM Realty
Group, Equitec Properties Company, Lend Lease, and Equitable’s ‘COMPASS Real
Estate Group’ in San Francisco. I have held senior executive positions with
each of these companies.

My areas of expertise include;
§ acquisition evaluations,

§ disposition strategies,

§ site selection,

§ property management,

§ facility management,

§ lease administration,

§ development and redevelopment strategies for commercial real estate assets,

§ management evaluations and implementation of strategies to enhance values for new and
existing assets,

§ capital management for property portfolios.
I have been directly involved in the acquisition, development, and/or management
of several major assets including; The Los Angeles World Trade Center, Columbia
Seafirst Tower in Seattle, East West Towers in Bethesda, 2 N. LaSalle and 200
W. Adams in Chicago, just to mention a few.

I was also directly in charge of the capital (funding) management of 26 ‘blind
pool’ partnerships and 4 pension fund partnerships with a combined total of
over 26 million sqft of commercial properties. I also ran the acquisitions division of Equitec and the placement (acquisition) of over $300 million dollars per year (about $1 billion in value per year) of real estate projects throughout the United States.

In 1996 I relocated from the San Francisco Bay area to Seattle and headed the
“Bank of America Major Assets” transition team for Jones Lang
LaSalle. This team was responsible for the integration of the commercial real
estate programs of Seafirst Bank with Bank of America and later with Nations
Bank when they acquired the Bank of America. This assignment required the
evaluation and merger of each bank’s corporate real estate program, including asset
evaluations, facility and property management procedures, asset transactions,
and facility maintenance implementation processes. During this assignment I
also headed up and reorganized Bank of America’s national Lease Administration
program for over 5,000 locations and 30 million square feet of owned and leased

Subsequently, I headed Jones Lang LaSalle’s international Ports, Airport, and Transportation
Initiative for the Americas spending several years preparing acquisition,
development, and management strategies for major mixed use projects around
airports, maritime ports, and transit stations. My ‘Port of Oakland’ project
was a $4 billion dollar renovation and value enhancement program for the Port
of Oakland and the Oakland International Airport. My last major international
project concluded with a contract to manage/develop all land and facility
assets around airports and maritime ports in North Central Mexico.

In 2000, I left Jones Lang LaSalle, relocated close to my aging parents in
Southern Utah, and started my own company, Real Estate Asset Strategies. For
the last 20 years I’ve been working within my own company on a variety of local
and regional commercial real estate projects in the Western United States.
These projects include the acquisition and development of a 2,700 acre mixed
use project in Southern Utah, the sale of a mixed use development project
totaling over 2,030 acres just south of Cedar City, the acquisition and
development of a regional distribution center for Gustave Larson (a large HVAC
company out of Milwaukee), and as a Senior Advisor and Broker for a large Development
company working on over 1.5 million square feet of commercial projects in the
SW United States.

My wife, Susan Donnelly-Reber, also works in commercial property management and
handles the book keeping of all our property management assignments. She has
worked with Jones Lang LaSalle, COMPASS Management, Cal Teacher’s Association,
and for the past 19 years with Real Estate Asset Strategies. She has a history
of facility and property management assignments in the San Francisco area and
assisted with the merger process of Seafirst Bank into Bank of America’s real
estate program.

My brokerage team

Real Estate Asset Strategies