Frederick Allen

at eXp Commercial

Real Estate License #758048

About Frederick

I grew up in a military family. We moved to Texas when I was very young and I am very proud to call myself a Texan. Prior to entering commercial real estate, I spent 10 years managing large projects all across the US. I started my own company as a commercial general contractor in 1996. I am proud to say it is still successfully running today. Being in commercial general contracting for over 35 years, I recognize and value the trust my clients place in me and I strive every day to exceed their expectations. I found that I was doing much of the front end due diligence of land and buildings as well as prospecting for many of my clients . Combining my construction management expertise and real estate knowledge was the natural next step for me. There is a definite need for commercial agents with a more extensive knowledge of property evaluation and commercial construction costs in general. My experience will be used to advise my clients to prevent potential costly mistakes in their projects. Hard work and dedication to my business has taught me discipline and focus. I take pride in the work that I do and the relationships that I build.

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