Cree Blackwell

Cree Blackwell (eXp)

About Cree

I specialize in both multi-family sales and retail leasing in CRE. I have a hustle hard mentality and grind; you can trust that I will get the job done. When it comes to defying odds and kicking down doors to new opportunities, I am on the other side with a big smile that is known to be contagious.

Everything that I have done and continue to do in my life has been to find my purpose and help as many people as I can. This coincides with eXp’s core value of service, and I have been committed to helping my community since I can remember, even if that’s just walking down the street and smiling at each person I make eye contact with.

Motto: Value = Outcome
Goal: Perform and Close

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Cree Blackwell (eXp)