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PHONE: 740-972-8499
Qualification Summary

  • Commercial Real Estate Agent

  • Business Consulting and Development

  • Skilled Negotiator

  • Company Director and Leadership roles

  • Experience with Development Planning

  • Business Consulting and Development

  • Client base in Independent, Franchise, Corporate operations

As a Commercial Real Estate agent and Business Broker with 15 years of experience, it is my focus to help clients in whatever scope they have retained us to assist them with. Whether it is to buy or sell a business, source a location, sell a commercial property, or help them to develop their company, we use our extensive background to assist our clients to achieve their goals.

Prior to working in the Commercial Real Estate business, I pursued interests in Restaurant Management, B2B Sales, the CBOT Stock Exchange, and service related consulting groups. The companies I worked for not only were extremely profitable under my direction, they also increased in size, and produced the managers, trainers, and staff for the future of the companies as a whole.

I received my Bachelor’s of Art in Economics from the University of Minnesota. While studying there, I also received a minor in Psychology. I have completed extensive courses in Commercial real estate investing and similar business interest to continue to improve the results for our clients.

With my widespread and comprehensive background in Service related businesses, I work hard to help my clients enter or exit the interests that they have. Nobody will out work our group to Buy or Sell a business or Commercial Property for you!

Services Offered: Purchase and Sell Commercial Buildings and Land, Construction, Trade Industry, B2B, Medical, Financial, Restaurants, Bars & other related businesses. Locating and/or selling Liquor Permits. Service related business consulting for financial and business plan development. Implementation of service and sales strategies for service related sales teams.

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