Bypassing Headless Chrome Tests, the game goes on...

Evan takes a look at the latest round of Antoine Vastel's browser fingerprint detection techniques, and walks through the process of bypassing them with Google's Puppeteer.

Evan Sangaline

9 minute read

I woke up this morning to find that Antoine Vastel had written a third installment in his series on detecting headless Chrome browsers. If you’re not familiar with the history here, Antoine has come up with a series of successively more complex techniques to detect headless Chrome for the nominal purpose of blocking web scrapers. All three of his articles have frontpaged on Hacker News, as did my rebuttals to his first two articles which detailed how these techniques can be trivially…

Announcing the TenantBase Engineering Blog

The new home for feature announcements, data analyses, and other interesting news from TenantBase's engineering team.

Evan Sangaline

1 minute read

Welcome to the TenantBase Engineering Blog! This will be the new home for product and feature announcements, interesting analyses from our data science team, technology insights, design patterns, and anything else interesting from our engineering team. Be sure to check back often to see our newest content!