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Shire Commercial Commercial Real Estate Broker

An Austin Texas Real Estate Broker that specializes in Office and Warehouse Space.

Office and Warehouse Leasing or Purchase advantages for Clients!

Brokers or agents that focus on all types of commercial real estate
in Austin are called generalists. A generalist broker typically focuses
on every type of commercial real estate property. Think of, we will try
to do it all.

However, Shire Commercial specializes in Austin Office and
Warehouse Properties. We will take commercial real estate listings from
time to time depending on the attributes of the property. Why is this
important to a Client? This allows you, the client, to take advantage of
specific knowledge so that our Clients have specific knowledge
representing them. We do not use general knowledge regarding Austin
office and warehouse properties.

Because we are focused on leasing strategies, purchase negotiations
and location services for specific properties, you will receive hands-on
specialized expertise. Steve Shire with Shire Commercial has been
active in commercial real estate in Austin, TX since 2004.

Generalist Brokers vs Specialists

Is Shire Commercial different from other commercial real estate brokers?

Because of our previous experiences Clients get an added bonus!
There is no other broker that we know of provides this type of work
background expertise.

Steve Shire has traveled internationally consulting mid-size to
Fortune 1000 companies on improving business processes. He has
facilitated consultative selling, negotiations, leadership and
presentation strategies. Steve’s background includes sales and sales
management with more than 25+ years of direct experience in the
semiconductor and technology industry. Steve also has a background in
commercial real estate finance running a commercial mortgage brokering
business before he got involved in commercial real estate.

  • Shire Commercial Cares about “Clients” first.
  • We are not commission chasers, therefore we do not take any and all deals that come our way.
  • We have been closing more leases and more purchases since 2004.
  • Pride ourselves on working smart and diligently for You as the client. Effective communications and follow up , follow up.
  • You will receive experienced knowledge and negotiation strategies about leasing or purchasing offices or warehouse property
  • … Can you get all of this off an internet website that lists properties?

Bottom line? The benefit to you is the ability to transfer skills
and relevant experience along with expertise into your world as our
Client. We will help you to create and implement a strategic plan. This
will make your commercial real estate experience easier than doing it on
your own. We free up your time so that you can focus on what you are
good at, your company’s goals.

Experience that translates into direct value for you, as our client:

  • You will receive “The best follow- up for Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Austin, Texas”
  • Tools specifically created for clients to make their experience productive
  • Faster and more effective responses for Buyers and Tenants
  • 25 + years of sales and sales management experience
  • Negotiation and consultative selling skills experience
  • Strategic planning and marketing experience
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Specialized tools and reviews to help you make a knowledgeable decision
  • Member, ACRU Academy of Commercial Real Estate Underwriters

Consistent support that include lease commentaries that include the
15+ steps it takes to get a lease or purchase of commercial property

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Shire Commercial