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Bringing vast knowledge of real estate, over 30 years of experience in building/construction management, and 10 years of experience in retail/commercial construction, I have built a reputation as a passionate and driven broker who offers clients an outstanding level of service. Through my experience, I have witnessed firsthand the dynamics that inspire people to invest in properties and understand how truly personal each decision is. Armed with this knowledge and experience, I always go above and beyond to connect buyers and investors with perfect properties that suit their needs and budget.

My business is built on integrity, determination, collaboration, and commitment to surpassing clients’ expectations. I have found professional success at a high level, handling many commercial and residential projects in Florida and Illinois. Whether it is single-family homes, condominiums, multiple unit buildings, franchises, or office space, I have experienced it all. Hence, I can offer my clients guidance and negotiate the best deal on their behalf. What separates me from other Realtors is my ability to educate the client on just exactly how the construction of the building works, all the steps involved, and be able to answer all their questions - including the costs.

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