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Founder and President of Enterprise Real Estate Advisors, a “value add” commercial real estate advisory service that specializes in brokerage and leasing services. Nelson has been involved in leasing, selling and investing in Commercial Real Estate projects for over 30 years.

He is an accomplished professional who has a deep understanding of all aspects of the real estate industry. Most of his career has been devoted to leasing and operating commercial real estate investments for various owners and tenants . He has directed leasing and asset management teams for several well- known commercial real estate companies with large portfolios of assets and has developed an excellent reputation built on integrity and excellent service.

He has advised a variety of major corporations, institutions and international clients as well as hundreds of entrepreneurial business owners involving hundreds of various commercial projects throughout Texas. He has successfully negotiated over 2,000 leasing and sales transactions and is considered a deal making expert. You can rely on his extensive negotiating experience to protect your company’s interests, minimize costs and risks and maximize value. He is passionate, tenacious, creative and solution minded.

Nelson is a State Board Member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC ) and is a Sustainability (ESG) expert. He advises tenants, business owners, landlords and investors about implementing Sustainable Best Practices, resulting in reduced operating expenses, increased cash flow, lower Taxes and as well as healthier and environmentally friendly properties.

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