James B Kynes Jr.

Rushman Moore Commercial Real Estate

About James

Rushman Moore Commercial Real Estate was created to bridge a gap with entrepreneurs and business owners seeking commercial real estate space for their business or turnkey businesses for sale.

CEO/Broker James B Kynes Jr, has experienced the entrepreneurial journey from the highs to the lows. Understanding the aspects of entrepreneurship, he has an inate ablity to meet the business owner where they are in their process, and providing key and valuable resources to assist clients make decisions on site selection strategies and brand development opportunities.

James brings a diverse background of experience. Beginning his career in corporate sales for Panasonic Document Systems and later for Standard Office Systems. During the tenure with these organizations, a true love for business to business transactions was released. In attempt to pursure different interest and passion, James worked as a “runner” for a top sports agent, and transitioned into the Director of Sports Division for a premier business management firm, recruiting and managing professional athlete accounts. Although this was James dream opportunity, A voice, A calling, shifted him into another capacity. Something that would take him out of his comfort zone, but yet introduced him to a world of entrepreneurship in the mens grooming industry. James quickly adjusted and began to leverage his degree from Mars Hill College and corporate experience, to create and build a flourishing clientele of diverse men from different backgrounds and expertise. Through these transaction, a discovery of becoming a commercial agent and business broker was found, and a real estate licence was obtained. While working with some well branded residential firms in a general capacity, James found the lane tailor made for him as a tenant representative, and business broker. There were not many firms who actually offered both services for entrepreneurs and business owners, therefore, Rushman Moore CRE was created and has been gaining exposure and momentum from inception.

In 2021, RMREG, created a broker/partnership with TenantBase, combing local market expertise by RMREG with the technology of TenantBase, to provide clients a high level commercical real estate experience.

My brokerage team

Rushman Moore Commercial Real Estate

Rushman Moore CRE is boutique real estate firm, specializing in tenant representation and business brokerage. Our goal is to create and implement a site selection strategy for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking office, retail, industrial, or turnkey business for sale. Our firm was formed out of a true entrepreneurial foundation. This allows us to be industry agnostic, and client focused to find locations or opportunities that fits each clients needs. The internal goal of our team is to create an Orca culture. One in which we hunt, we fellowship, we commune with one another with the intentional purpose to see everyone eat and win. We add a a variety of tools to assist clients in there business and brand development efforts. Our network of professionals ensure we provide the best solutions from enhancing brand identity to web and media solutions.