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When key business decision-makers are asked, “What do you wish you had more of,” they most often respond with: “more time.” When asked what else they wanted, they answer with: “more money.” When asked a 3rd time, they often respond: “more peace of mind.”

When I’m asked the question, “What can you do for me” (regarding your commercial real estate challenges), I can honestly say my local insider expertise, coupled with my deep, long-standing relationships, enable me to passionately be your valuable strategic advisor and advocate.

• This relationship preserves your time so you can concentrate on what you do best: making your business thrive and become even more profitable. Additionally, my negotiation strategies will contribute to keeping more money in your bank account. I can also provide you a peace of mind while guiding you through the maze of commercial leasing (your 2nd largest business expense).

Finally, virtually everyone else desires something of great value for FREE!

• I can perform my services for you for no direct fees from you.

All leasing fees are already built into the transaction. Therefore, full commission costs are paid out to the Landlord’s building broker unless you have your own broker working exclusively for you. In you do, that built-in commission is split between your broker and the building broker. With or without your own representation, the commission cost is “baked in” and is non-negotiable. If you are not represented, the full commission goes to the building leasing broker, and they do not have your best interests in mind.


As an industry veteran I have represented tenants, landlords, and investors all over Austin. My passion is to put my expertise and comprehensive understanding of the leasing process into practice to achieve your best outcomes. Best outcomes will save you time, money, hassles, and preserve your future leasing rights and options. My insider insights enable me to leverage the marketplace for your benefit.

A part of my job is to create a healthy competition for your business. This keeps your prospective landlords on their toes if they want the potential income stream you represent to them. The best way to bring an existing landlord to focus on the transaction at fair rates is to actively create competitive options.
I always have only your best interests in mind. I will be aggressive when the situation calls for it to defend your options, your needs, or your rights.


• Loyal | Confidential | Enthusiastic | Transparent | Passionate | Professional.
• Respectful | Reachable | Responsive | Dependable | Available. “I do what I say I will.”
• I am your Flexible, Dedicated, and Trusted Personal Advisor every step of the way.

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