Dylan Hunt

Tenant Advisor, Orange County, CA

Real Estate License #02027299

About Dylan

With two and a half years of extensive training and mentoring, Dylan acts on behalf of tenants, buyers and sellers in all aspects of negotiating strong economical Commercial Real Estate.

After graduating from the University of Arizona’s Eller Business Program, Dylan began his career servicing office tenants in Orange County with lease and purchase negotiations. He quickly decided it was smart to learn what goes on “behind the curtain” and study the underwriting and cash flow analyses of the landlord’s in Orange County, and how they negotiate lease and sale contracts.

Now, Dylan, brings this landlord sided background & knowledge to the office Tenant. This gives him and his clients an incredible strategic advantage in lease and purchase negotiations for office space.
His diverse background and experience allows him to always be ready and willing to tackle any challenging role that comes his client’s path with no discouragement.

Having been born and raised in Huntington Beach, Dylan specializes in Office Real Estate because he is excited by the changes in his community. He has an extensive background in economics, and is continuously developing his skill set as a leader and professional.

His plan is for continued success in his role as a Tenant Representative and eventually evolve himself into a leader of Orange County Real Estate.